Private holiday home Karavousi for rent

Sea view at sunset from the loggia of the holiday home Karavousi
For Rent
  • Property Type:
  • Location: , ,
  • Rental Fee: from 45 € / day
  • Bedrooms: 2
  • Beds: 4
  • Equipment: electric stove, refrigerator, washing machine, bed linen, towels (no beach towels)
  • Max. Persons: 5
  • Min. Booking Period: 5 days
  • Pets: on request

Traditional Macedonian stone house with beautiful sea views

A jewel for friends of old houses and nature lovers on the upper edge of the village of Kazaviti (Megalos Prinos). The house is located in a very quiet corner of the village, surrounded by nature. The view extends far into the distance over the sea to the high mountains on the opposite mainland. It has been renovated with great care. The original character of the house was preserved. The luxury of this original preserved Macedonian stone house is its authentic atmosphere.

The house

The current house originally consisted of two houses, each with a stable in the basement and a living room upstairs. In each house lived a whole family.

During the renovation of the house in the late 1980s, the two houses were connected inside and a staircase was added. The smaller house has a kitchen and bathroom on the ground floor, and the additional room is used especially during the cold season.

In order to preserve the character of the house, as much of the original structure as possible was preserved. The walls on the ground floor are limed, the walls on the upper floors have a lime plaster. Due to the uneven surface of the stone wall and the many layers of lime the walls have a very high-contrast surface. Right angles are in this house only in the kitchen and the bathroom. On the walls of the bedrooms are still the narrow wooden shelves with countless nails. Here used to hang clothes and utensils.
Both rooms have open wooden roof chairs with the old, curved beams. The roof is covered with clay and stone slabs.

The open fireplaces of the two bedrooms were formerly used for cooking. They are unsuitable for heating. In front of the large bedroom is a large Hagiati, (covered balcony). This was used in the warm season as a versatile living space. It offers a very nice view through the valley to the sea and the mountains on the opposite mainland. You can see the high mountains of the Rhodope. The underlying terrace with access to the kitchen has some views of the sea between the treetops. The house sits enthroned above a rarely used footpath underneath.

The garden and the surrounding area.

The house has a surrounding garden with several terraces and an old backing oven. Below the house are slightly offset a number of old houses. Due to the slope they are much deeper. Most of these houses are abandoned. Only two are very rarely used as a holiday home. Above the house begin the former cultural terraces of the village. The extensive former agricultural land offers plenty of space for a very species-rich bird and insect world and are suitable for excursions. The view is very green despite the forest fire in 2016. The opposite slope was partially spared by the fire. This area is in the field of view of the terrace.


The interior of the house is simple. On the ground floor is the marble-clad shower bathroom with a washing machine. The kitchen has a four burner electric stove and a fridge. Dishes, pots, pans and coffee makers are available.
The bedrooms each have a double bed (1.40 x 200 meters) and a single bed. The double beds have a reading lamp, which is attached to the old wooden board. Hangers are available but there is little counter space.

There is no telephone, internet connection, TV and stereo system. Instead there is a lot of space for conversation and the music of nature.
The coverage of the Vodafon mobile network is very good, the other mostly good.


The cottage is located on the upper edge of the village of Kazaviti. This part of the village is not accessible by car. Parking is available at the car park below the Platia and at a small square. It takes about 5 to 10 minutes to walk to the house.
In the summer months a private parking space can be provided.
This may sound a bit daunting, but the tranquility and views reward the short walk.

Shops and medical care

In the village and the surrounding area there are some taverns. The Kazaviti restaurant on Platia is the most popular and is known throughout Thassos.
There are no shops and doctors in the village. In the village Prinos, on the way to Kazaviti, there are numerous supermarkets, butchers, bakers, some doctors and a small hospital. The distance is about 4 kilometers.


On the coast there is a very long sandy beach. It can be reached by car in about 20 minutes. One has the choice between cultivated beach sections or free areas between the olive groves. There are many beautiful beaches around the island.

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