The village part Simenitika

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The village part “Simenitika” is located on the upper edge of the village of Kazaviti. It originally consisted of 6 houses lined up along a path next to each other. The dominant building was the 1807 built Metochi Manola, a former monastery property of the monastery Esfigmenou on the sacred Mount Athos. Probably the oldest house of this ensemble was the small house Koutla. The two adjacent houses are architecturally aligned with this house. The construction is different too.

All still standing houses burned down to the ground on 10 September 2016 during the forest fire.

All properties are for sale. The location is the most beautiful in Kazaviti. The sale of individual objects is possible only to a very limited extent. The coherent properties are only for sale in a package all together. Whether by a buyer community or individual does not matter. Building in this position is not easy and requires good logistical planning and execution.  A map with an overview of the area can be found here.

The burned Houses

Here is an overview of the burned houses. The pages are still under construction and only have a preview. More houses and lots will follow.

The possible building area

The map shows the possible building area. The red and green marked properties are for sale. The large blue marked property at the bottom right is also for sale. A structural development is possible in two ways. For more information please get in contact with me.
The red marked plots are up to one and a half in my hand. Likewise, all green land. Applications for grants for reconstruction were submitted for my land. Among the burned houses is a Metochi (monastery property). It was under strict monument protection. The applications are running but have not yet been finalized.

In addition to the marked land, there are more adjoining ruins with little land for sale.


If you want more detailed information, contact me.

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