Forest fires on 10th September 2016 in Kazaviti and the island Thassos

The forest fires on 10 September 2016 in Kazaviti were ignited by a strong thunderstorm. At the same time three fires arose on Thassos. The thunderstorm brought lots of lightning, rain was only falling on the mainland. It had not rained on Thassos for four months. By strong wind the fires quickly grew larger and got out of control. The ignition points were located in inaccessible places in the interior of the island. The fire destroyed a lot of forest, olive groves and houses.

In Kazaviti, on the upper village border, a whole district, called Simenitika, was a victim of the flames. The group of original houses, among them a Metochi (monastic property) dating from 1804, burned down to the ground. At the lower part of the village, on the county side and in Mikro Kazaviti houses were destroyed as well.

The lower part of the Kazaviti gorge

A hidden nature paradise at the lower end of Kazaviti. A very threatened biotope with many rare animal and plant species.

The village part Simenitika

The district Simenitika on the upper edge of the village of Kazaviti in a prime location. All the houses in this area of the village were destroyed by the fire on September 10, 2016 and are now for sale as a contiguous group.