The upper part of the Kazaviti gorge

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The formerly agricultural part of the gorge

The gorge on the outskirts of Kazaviti is characterised by the use of water for agricultural purposes. Here are the remains of an old dams and the ruins of the mills. This part of the gorge begins in the sharp bend at the entrance to the village. The first part is surrounded on both sides by high rock walls. The valley is covered with beautiful old plane trees. In the area of the old mills, the gorge widens gradually and numerous, no longer cultivated terraces characterize the picture. Most of the terraces are completely covered with trees again. In some places old grape varieties grow up on the trees. Leaving behind the old cultural areas, one arrives at a small waterfall with bizarre rock formations. Here slowly the pine forest begins. This was almost completely destroyed by the forest fire in 2016.

After the fire an important retreat area for animals, reptiles and birds.

The whole area of the gorge is a perfect refuge for many rare, partially protected species. In some inaccessible places, real virgin forest has emerged again. This area also includes the lower part of the gorge. In the devastating forest fire of 2016, all surrounding forest land burned down on the mountain slopes. They will remain bare areas for a very long time. Newly growing deciduous trees are eaten by wild goats.

Antique constructions

At the narrowest part of the gorge there are some remnants of old dam walls. They are heavily overgrown with moss and therefore difficult to recognize. They could have come from antiquity. The entire cultural terraces below are covered with antique potsherds. Presumably, the water was dammed here for irrigating the fields. The construction with large, hewn stones differs greatly from the otherwise predominant way of constructions.

The ruins of the mills and abandoned terraces.

At the upper edge of the village are the ruins of the mills. Here the gorge widens and there are many abandoned terraces. Also on the mountain slopes lie  many terraces. The old path along the mountainside is not visible any more. If you follow the course of the stream further up the valley you will reach a small waterfall. Here slowly the pine forest begins. The fire caused very severe damage here.

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