Platia, the central village square of Kazaviti

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The Platia with Restaurant Andreas

The Platia of Kazaviti is the most beautiful village square on Thassos. The old name is “Platana”. It refers to the ancient plane trees on the square. The two oldest trees are hollow inside and have to be partially supported. They form a unique ensemble with the surrounding old houses. In earlier times, there was a seating platform on the plane tree at the central part of the square. A natural spring made the rear part of the square a natural wetland. that was covered by a wooden bridge,. The mighty crowns of the trees cover the entire square and provide soothing shadows in summer and invite you to linger.

During the summer months the place is overrun by tourists in the evening. The rest of the year is the place almost menless. The taverns are closed and most windows are closed with window shutters. All houses are uninhabited except for one exception. After heavy rain or the snow melt small streams run across the square. At this time, the village is a dream for those seeking peace. In winter, it can become very cold and the place is sometimes covered by a white mantle of snow.

Until the eighties of the last century there were the Kafenia Veginas and Liberis. They were still fully integrated into the traditional system. The village square was a meeting place for the few remaining locals. The floor of the square was not paved and there was no significant tourism. The change began gradually. The square was paved and closed to traffic. The Kafenia were leased and converted to restaurants. Over the years the business with the guests from outside was getting bigger and the tables of the two restaurants spread slowly over the whole place. Today’s Restaurant Kazaviti is the former Kafenion Veginas. The host has now also taken over the second place and is hosting the whole place.

On 29th June the name day of the church “Twelve Apostles” is celebrated. The wonderfully painted village church was built during the Ottoman rule in 1804. An older small church – “Zoodokou Pigi” has been preserved on the left side of the main church.

At the way up from the parking lot to the Platia stands the small kiosk. It is a historical monument from the post-war period and should be urgently preserved.

In Kazaviti you will find the most preserved old Macedonian houses on Thassos. Some are almost original, others are unfortunately discarded or already collapsed. A large number of these imposing buildings stand around the village square. The renovated houses are mostly used as a holiday home, a few are permanently inhabited.

A relic from the Ottoman occupation is the parking lot below the Platia. It still belongs to the state of Egypt with some more objects. Thassos was placed under Egyptian administration in 1830. Below the parking lot stood the mosque.

Note: During the main season, the parking lot below the Platia can quickly be overcrowded. Sometimes chaotic scenes occur. It is better to park the car before the village entrance.

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