The village Kazaviti on the island of Thassos in Greece

The village Kazaviti, also called “Megalos Prinos” or “Megalo Kazaviti”, is located about five kilometers inland on the west side of the island of Thassos in Greece. Beside the big village there is the small, newer village of Mikro Kazaviti on the opposite side of the valley. Findings of slag remnants, clay pots, ancient tombs and remains of buildings are indications of an early settlement of the valley. The story probably goes back to the prehistoric times.

In no other village on Thassos are so many original old houses preserved. The village square is the most beautiful on the island. Large agricultural terraces and many wine press testify to a great wine-growing history.

Unfortunately the place is inhabited only by very few people all year round. Most of the renovated houses are used as a holiday home and are mostly inhabited in summer. This greatly changes the appearance of the village.

Through the forest fire on 10 September 2016, many old houses in Kazaviti were destroyed. A whole part of the village burned down to the ground.

The lower part of the Kazaviti gorge

A hidden nature paradise at the lower end of Kazaviti. A very threatened biotope with many rare animal and plant species.

The village part Simenitika

The district Simenitika on the upper edge of the village of Kazaviti in a prime location. All the houses in this area of the village were destroyed by the fire on September 10, 2016 and are now for sale as a contiguous group.

The ruins of the old mills

Little known and difficult to find are the remains of the mills of Kazaviti. A very special place with magical charisma.

Byzantine eagle Kazaviti, Thassos island Greece

The colorful architectural past

Many houses in Kazaviti and other traditional villages on Thassos were painted in blue and red. Also the interior of the houses was partly held in these colors. But this is not visible anymore. Photos are mostly the only remaining testimonies.

Ancient history without mention

The valley of Kazaviti has many places of early settlement. Like a ribbon, the ancient sites run through the valley. A short orientation of the places with GPS data.