Kazaviti, also called Megalos Prinos, is a mountain village on the west side of the island of Thassos. It is located 5 kilometers inland at an altitude of approximately 350 meters. The place has a magical aura. Old stone houses characterize the picture. The village square, the Platia, is the most beautiful on the whole island. It is shaded by old plane trees and invites you to linger. Apart from the summer months of July and August, the place is almost deserted. Most of the houses are used as holiday homes and are empty most of the year. Some of these houses are for rent.

In addition to the renovated houses, there are a very large number of abandoned houses and ruins. This gives the place a morbid atmosphere. Most of the gardens were abandoned and conquered back from nature. Around the village are extensive agricultural terraces. Almost all of them are no longer farmed. Some areas are kept open by goat herds, others overgrow. Below the village flows a stream. The creek is covered with rugged old plane trees and houses many rare species.

Much of the pine forest and 11 houses on the outskirts of Kazaviti were destroyed in the 2016 forest fire.


There are many things that can not be solved alone. Here are some key points:

  • Reconstruction of ruins in a prime location. There is a large, contiguous area on the upper edge of the village with beautiful sea views. The plots are in one hand with the exception of one half of a house. The houses are all burned down. There are applications for grants.
  • The renovation of still existing stone houses. There are still some very beautiful stone houses. They have different owners, but are mostly for sale. All need a urgent renovation or they are history.
  • The recultivation of former agricultural land.
  • Conservation. There are many rare and protected species of animals and birds in and around Kazaviti. The whole nature is very much endangered.
  • Many wild cats need attention.

The list is long and requires some work. There is an urgent need for action in almost all of these points. I am open to many solutions and there are many that have not been considered yet. Unfortunately my time working on this site is very limited. The individual points are worked out piece by piece and put online. If you were interested without detailed information, you can contact me here.


Here you find thematically sorted contents of this page.


General information about taverns and cafes


Versteckte Orte in und um Kazaviti


Information about Kazaviti and the surrounding area

Holiday Homes

Original stone houses for rent

The Forest Fire

The forest fire on the 10th September 2016


Houses and Land for sale

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