• Kazaviti 1982

  • Kazaviti 2014

  • The fire, 10. September 2016

  • Kazaviti Thassos after the fire September 2016

    Kazaviti 25. September 2016

  • Kazaviti June 2017

    Kazaviti after the fire, June 2017

Kazaviti after the forest fire 2016

A caesura and the chance for a new beginning

The devastating fire on 10th of September destroyed 8 traditional stone houses in Kazaviti. The upper and lower village border are now dominated by burned out houses. The forest, to some extend recovered from the last fire in 1989, is gone once again.

The fire changed some things fundamental. Most of the upper part of the village with beautiful view of the sea will be developed and rebuild. Some of the properties will be for sale soon. The structural development and constructional feasibility will be discussed with professionals. This ongoing process will take some time.


Real Estates and Holiday Houses

Building plot Tzakiris for sale from private

Building plot with building planning at the upper village border of Kazaviti. The property is located within the construction area and offers a beautiful view through the valley to the sea.

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